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Chris McGowan is a writer of diverse interests whose books include the recently published The Brazilian Music Book: Brazil’s Singers, Songwriters, and Musicians Tell the Story of Bossa Nova, MPB, and Brazilian Jazz and Pop.

He is the co-author of The Brazilian Sound, a guide to Brazilian music, Judi Online and of Entertainment in the Cyber Zone, a history of interactive media published by Random House. As J.C. McGowan, he wrote The Big God Network, a satirical science-fiction novel.

He has written articles and blogs about music, culture, politics, and environmental issues for The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Musician, Los Angeles magazine, the L.A. Weekly, Billboard, Widescreen Review, Pulse!, and various other publications.

McGowan has written extensively about Brazil, and has been interviewed about Brazilian music and culture by the BBC, The New York Times, the Associated Press, AirTalk, and various National Public Radio (NPR) affiliates. He was a contributor to The Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture (Charles Scribner’s Sons).

He is also a translator (Portuguese – English) and has worked on translations for Ernst & Young, Chevron, Uber, USAID, Bradesco, Petrobras, Amil, Vale, IBAMA, and the Ministry of the Environment in Brazil. He recently translated a collection of academic essays on Brazilian music for Routledge (Made in Brazil, 2015). His translation credits are here.

In the publicity and marketing realms, he has written press releases, album liner notes and artist bios for Starbucks, Columbia Records, Elektra Records, and Narada Records, and a special 10th anniversary catalog essay for the Criterion Collection.

McGowan is a California native who currently lives in Brazil.

Contact: authorjcmcgowan@yahoo.com

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