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You Should Go to These Best Music Festivals in the World Once in a Lifetime

There are many music genres in the world and there are many music festivals in the world with different themes. As music enthusiasts, have you ever came to the music festival? And If you have, which music festival you have come and where it is? Tell us! Here we give few best music festivals in the world you should come with your friends or soulmate before you die!

First, some of you may have heard or come to this most anticipated music festival in the world, yeah, Coachella music festival. This famous Coachella festival is held at the Empire Polo Club, California once in a year. This festive successfully showcases many various music genres and musicians around the world like Jay-Z, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Daft Punk, Zedd, Rihanna, etc. Next, Nontonfilm88 have Reading and Leeds Festivals. This music festival is held at Reading and Leeds, the United Kingdom. This festival is the oldest music festival in the world, so you need to come to this festival before you die. Nowadays, this festival is dominated music punk and rock genres. This show has hosted many famous and notable musician like Nirvana, Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, and etc.

Next is the most famous music festival both in England and the globe. The Glastonbury music festival is a five-day open-air music show which is held in England, the United Kingdom. This music extravaganza was held at the first time after the wake of Jimi Hendrix’s Death in 1970 and the founder is Micheal Eavis. When you come to this best world’s music festival, you will see your favorite musician on a gigantic stage with a pyramid shape. This show has hosted many magnificence and amazing acts from Coldplay, The Smiths, The Cure, Radiohead, Paul McCartney, and many more.

Big Bang

Three Memorable Music Video Concept from Korean Boy Groups

Korean Pop or K-Pop has become a popular music among people around the world for the last decades. There are a lot of parties in K-Pop, be it girl groups, boy groups, or solo singers, which are involved in the development of the genre. It can be denied that boy groups do play a huge role in the massive popularity of the genre. In this article, we will give a list of Korean boy groups that boast unique concepts to the development of the genre.

In agreement with there are a lot of concepts that have been done by many boy groups. Some of the interesting one are listed below:

• Big Bang – Fantastic Baby: the music video of this song may seems to be very frantic and messy, from the fury things that are wore by T.O.P to the bizarre long hair of G-Dragon. Thanks to all the craziness of this music video, this song becomes one of the most iconic song in K-Pop history.

SHINee Group Band

• SHINee – Everybody: widely known as a group with awesome and complicated choreography, SHINee challenged themselves with Everybody. The highlight of the dance move of this song is the ‘human gadget’ move, which was very inventive in its era.

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• Super Junior – Mamacita: if you love entertaining music videos, Mamacita is a must-watch for you. The music video took a setting in a wild western town where the members acted as various roles, such as sheriffs, watermelon seller, etc. You may get a good laugh by watching this music video.

Those are some of the iconic Korean boy groups’ concept you may want to check out. There are still a lot of unique concepts that are not mentioned above thanks to the wide diversity of the genre. So, what are you waiting for? Go check these music videos out and enjoy the bizarre and entertaining music of K-Pop!

Best Modern Music Today

Best Modern Music Today

Modern Music becomes part of life today because every time everywhere we will listen to music. Music has been known for years and now the music has developed becomes more modern with various genres. Now you can easily listen to the music depends on your mood and your taste because there are thousand songs with various themes. Music in this modern era has developed and there are many singers make music depends on the real life.

It can be a representation of the life and that’s what make modern music is acceptable by the community or The songs are inspired from people’s life about love, life, social life, pain, and so on. But now, the most popular music or song that is created mostly has theme about love and become very popular among people especially teenagers and adult.

There are many genres of music in this modern era and each of them of course has the characteristic. The genres are popular among people such as pop music, rock, rap or hip hop, pop punk and other popular genres which are popular today. The songs are also various from various singers and artists today. Some of you may have familiar and maybe become a fans of singers today and you also have favorite song from them.

Attractive Concert

Modern Music is likely more attractive where the singers put sometimes unusual or simple word which is touching the heart. The lyric is also easy because most song today is represented and inspired by real life. This make song in this modern era becomes easily booming and popular. The singers and artists also have beautiful voice and performance and most of them still young. This what make the song really popular and famous, especially when the song has theme about love or related to the real life.

The song and music in this modern are various. You can check every week there are new songs and become very popular. Popular artist and young artist productively create new songs which has deep meaning. There are many modern singers create and release modern song today which become very popular. There are many singers or artists with their popular song in modern with their best album in this 2017 such as Ed Sheeran, Drake, The Chainsmoker, and any other artist or singer.

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The song mostly about love and real life which makes the music becomes more familiar and can be accepted by the public. Not only that, the singer or the artist also uses fun music that can be enjoyed. People today also like to dance and the music today is perfect for dance with the composition that is fun. The rhythm is fun and enjoy, so that the people can easily enjoy the music, feel the lyric, and dance with the rhythm. If you are music lovers of course you have known tens music in this modern where they also often heard anywhere. Keep up to date for the new and Modern Musicthat popular today.

The Best Modern Music This Year

The Best Modern Music This Year

Modern Music always heard besides us every day, every time, and everywhere we go because music in this modern becomes one of part of the live. Music can be a media to share a feeling, represent about real life, and sometime becomes thing to learn where the singer create the song inspired from real life. In this modern, music is developed to be more attractive and various from the genres and the themes.

There are many genres of music in this modern where they have their own characteristic. Pop song where the theme is love becomes the most popular music today because every people should feel the love. The song about love is also sometimes inspired by real life. That’s make the song becomes acceptable and becomes famous. The song or music which is fun, or something unique usually can be accepted by people and becomes very popular. As today’s music which is mostly fun and has unique theme becomes very popular.

Selena Gomez

Music in this modern era is created to be more modern and more attractive from the lyrics, theme, as well as the music rhythm. Some of the music is using modern music tools and sometime using remix and modern composition. That’s what makes Modern Musicbecome more fun and more plenty to be heard. Most people today are also like to dance and the music of this modern has music rhythm which is fun an energetic so that it will be very suitable for dancing.

The genres of the music today are also getting improved. The most popular genres of the agen bola music today is pop where there are many pop singer and artist who create pop love song. The artist is also look attractive in style, voice, and also young. So it is not surprisingly if modern song is very popular and famous. In this 2017, many old artists as well as new artists that come with new songs which become popular. Many people listen to those new songs and become on the top chart of modern song today. Almost everywhere, every time we can listen those new modern songs played in any place. Many people talk about those modern songs.

Ed Sheeran Wearing Glass

If you want to keep up to date for the new songs in this modern then you can stay tuned on the Youtube or other social media so that you can find the latest modern song which is popular. There are many artists or singers that come with popular songs today such as Ed Sheeran where in this 2017 his songs becomes favorite, Luis Fonsi, The Chainsmokers, Selena Gomez, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Shawn Mendes and many other singers and artists which come and create popular modern song in this year.

You may have known those singers or maybe one of them is your idol or favorite singer. Music becomes part of this life because life sometimes inspires the singers to create a song. Listen to the new Modern Musicwhich is popular today.