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Three Memorable Music Video Concept from Korean Boy Groups

Korean Pop or K-Pop has become a popular music among people around the world for the last decades. There are a lot of parties in K-Pop, be it girl groups, boy groups, or solo singers, which are involved in the development of the genre. It can be denied that boy groups do play a huge role in the massive popularity of the genre. In this article, we will give a list of Korean boy groups that boast unique concepts to the development of the genre.

In agreement with there are a lot of concepts that have been done by many boy groups. Some of the interesting one are listed below:

• Big Bang – Fantastic Baby: the music video of this song may seems to be very frantic and messy, from the fury things that are wore by T.O.P to the bizarre long hair of G-Dragon. Thanks to all the craziness of this music video, this song becomes one of the most iconic song in K-Pop history.

SHINee Group Band

• SHINee – Everybody: widely known as a group with awesome and complicated choreography, SHINee challenged themselves with Everybody. The highlight of the dance move of this song is the ‘human gadget’ move, which was very inventive in its era.

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• Super Junior – Mamacita: if you love entertaining music videos, Mamacita is a must-watch for you. The music video took a setting in a wild western town where the members acted as various roles, such as sheriffs, watermelon seller, etc. You may get a good laugh by watching this music video.

Those are some of the iconic Korean boy groups’ concept you may want to check out. There are still a lot of unique concepts that are not mentioned above thanks to the wide diversity of the genre. So, what are you waiting for? Go check these music videos out and enjoy the bizarre and entertaining music of K-Pop!

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