Brazilian Carnival

What We Need to Know about Brazilian Carnival?

Brazil is one of those countries in which the people in Brazil will love to dance. We will find that there is music for carnival which is very familiar with Brazilian. Moreover, we will find even more information about the carnival that has been the part of Brazilian for years. If you are interested in Brazilian culture, this carnival annual event is one of those important things about Brazil that we should know.

This is one of the most important events in Brazil in which we will find that there are more about this event which is very interesting to know more.The carnival of Brazil is one of those important events in Brazil in which we will find it also as the culture inspired by Roman Catholic. This event is actually held to celebrate before the fasting season of Lent. This is the origin of this event that has been doing by Brazilian people until today. Among those carnivals, we will find that the carnival in Rio de Janeiro is one of the biggest carnivals in Brazil. There is a different style of carnival in Brazil that makes every carnival is an amazing event that we should not miss.

The Music for Brazilian Carnival and More

This annual event is the one that comes as the celebration before the fasting season. The term carnival itself actually comes from the term carvelevare which means to remove meat. This is the background of this carnival event in Brazil that we can find until today. Although it looks like an event with those beautiful costumes for the party, this event is actually the event related to religious culture to celebration prior to fasting season of Lent. Now that you know about this culture, it is important to enjoy this carnival more than just a costume carnival but there is further meaning beyond the party itself.More about the carnival, we will also find that it is more than just an annual event or costume parade.

There are also typical genres used for this kind of carnival. For instance, they will divide the typical music into the Southeast Region and the Northeast Region. For the Southeast Region, they are the samba-enredo, the samba de embalo, the samba de bloco, and also the marchinha. More on the genre of music for the carnival, we will also find that there are some genres for the Northeast Region. The genre such as frevo, maracatu, samba-reggae, pagoda, and also axe music.

There are specific music genres which are usually used for the carnival that makes it a certain part of this carnival that makes it an important partof the carnival. This is why you will be familiar with a certain genre music in Brazil when you come to a carnival. Although it looks quite similar, they come from different genres. The beauty of the carnival from the combination of the music and the dance have made this carnival is a beautiful event in Brazil.


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